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Nanette Adams, LPC

Nanette Adams is a therapist specializing in individual therapy and maintains a private practice in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It is my purpose to help others and change their worlds to live happier, safer, and more fulfilling lives. We will succeed beyond all measure. There is more to life than the maddening, unending cycle of the rat race and humdrum obedience of the circadian rhythm. I am not here to get old in the same old place, doing the same thing every day. We're not standing still, we are moving, growing and thriving beings. I am here to help you make your life the sensational, thriving cosmic existence that is extraordinary. 

We must escape the mundane traps of our physical existence and create a physical and spiritual place that will bring us ultimate joy. I want you to thrive in an enigma of loving kindness and engaging spiritual life. I specialize in cultivating the passions that formulate your worldly being. My joy is  educating others and finding unique ways to embody creative self-expression. I thrive on mentoring others in identity development and lives life to its fullest potential, squeezing ever last drop of out of existence. I am often the quiet voice of insight & innovation with a refreshing perspective for the future on an individual and systemic level. Never doubt our ability to make a difference.

I received my Bachelor's degree in Human Ecology from Louisiana State University & Master's degree in Counselor Education from the University of New Orleans. I am a licensed professional counselor specializing in obesity education, executive skills function, and body image issues. I have worked with patients in the pre-operative & post-operative bariatric and non-surgical treatment of obesity. I approach therapeutic interventions from a cognitive behavioral & existential philosophical orientation with dynamic, individualized interventions based in unconditional positive regard for individualism & solution-focused counseling. I am a subject matter expert point of view regarding obesity & aggressively work with patients to find appropriate integrated medical and behavioral health solutions. My belief is that success can be found through taking an active role in personal wellness through the use of motivational interviewing, activating change plans, pursuing knowledge & implementation of individualized, creative solutions. 


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