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Every morning since the global shutdown I seem to get up a little earlier. Each day, I try to center and focus on the tasks at hand: help others. At times, that means chatting with fellow clinicians to navigate the realm of teletherapy platforms and applications that will bring their practices online or getting out documents that they can send to their clients to assist with implementation. Other days, it means contacting my clients to see where they are, how they are doing, and what I can do to assist them.

I'll be honest, I've told all of them that if they can't pay, I will continue to see them. I have an obligation to them to be there for them. No one has said they needed assistance, yet. My mind if moving forward to the uncertain days ahead. I want to provide the space we all need to navigate the unchartered waters of a pandemic. Last night, I experienced my first triggered moment. I knew it was coming in like a tidal wave of emotion. I'd seen eight clients in one day. I had a message from a friend who was close to me during Katrina. 

And then it happened. My significant other wanted to watch Big Charity. All of this has reminded me of Katrina. I was in graduate school at the time and just starting my internship. Everything got flipped upside down and I ended up in Orlando, Florida working for the Red Cross until January of 2006. I felt cloistered, ostracized from family and friends. Then another hurricane hit Florida. All the emotions flooded in. Last night, as the images of New Orleans, flooding in one of the oldest hospitals (if not the oldest). Chills went through me. The mismanagement of resources and people shown in the documentary exhausted me. I crashed last night.

I didn't dream last night. I usually do. I woke up refreshed this morning though. I woke up reminding myself of each day after Katrina I just told myself to "Keep going." I got up and reminded myself that I have control over how I take care of myself. First and foremost, we all have a lot more control over taking care of ourselves and our families right now. This opportunity is golden. We all have busy lives that take us away from our families each day. We have time right now to keep that workout schedule, paint that room you've been putting off, journal, create beautiful crafts, learn to cook from scratch or bake something you have never tried to bake before. Savor the moments with your loved ones. Speak kindly to each other. 

This weekend, I was supposed to do a cooking demo with my Mom for the Girls Love Travel group. I was really looking forward to it. We won't get to do that demo, but I do plan to make the same things Mom and I were planning to make. Gumbo, Jambalaya, Bread Pudding, maybe even Pralines. I'll post the recipes this weekend. I plan to share it with the neighbors. I'm currently in Mandeville, staying at the unicorn's house (my significant other!) 15 years ago, I had a dream of moving to Gretna and buying a little house to make my home. Two weeks ago, we found that house and put in an offer. It was accepted. Now we wait. We hope to sell his house in Mandeville and move into "Our Unicorn Palace." 

My heart is full at a time where the world is scared, confused, and in chaos. I feel all of these emotions, y'all. I see the fear in my clients' eyes and I concur. These are scary times. We must find the opportunity in the fear to grow. We must sow the seeds of happiness in the sorrows of the Earth. We must love one another (from afar, social distancing is still important.) Share the love. Be the change you need. Focus on the positive energy to keep you going. That's how we got through Katrina. That's how we got through 9/11. That's how we will get through COVID-19. 

Take care of your selves. Let this be an opportunity to improve your healthy habits. Let LOVE reign in and around you.  

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